For over 30 years, the members of the Berlin gang *IDU#KS* have been traveling multi-instrumentally and in various constellations across Europe on a wild journey whose path and outcome are always open. An electroacoustic melange of film and theater music in the contemporary sound spectrum forms the framework for a sound space in which tones and noises, musicians and listeners meet. In the spirit of “make places special” *IDU#KS* performs musically and visually in unusual places. Improvisation and chance, spontaneity and humor are the elements that always create something new and surprising.

Inke Kühl: violin, sax, vocals
Detlef Auell: electronics, drums, programming
Udo Erdenreich: bass, jaw harp
Karen Thastum: clarinet, vocals, percussion, visuals
Steffi: good spirit
Expo: good ghost

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Since years they work also together with Karen`s mutimediaproject *TURA YA MOYA*

Full *TYM-CD* on youtube

You can also look there and there

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We play

*detect classic festival*

20.7.2024  –  18:30  –  Schloss Bröllin

Our connection to Bröllin Castle goes back to its beginnings.
Udo, Det and Expo worked with the RA.M.M. Theatre cleaned the location first.
Karen took part in the first Butoh festival and then shot the film *Imago* in the silo room.
And Inke was there from the start anyway.

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